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Linux Runtime Manager

Deploy and prototype service-oriented architecture (SOA) application components

Since R2022b


The Linux Runtime Manager application provides a single point of contact for viewing connection status and interacting with Linux target computers. You can deploy the software components as a standalone Linux applications, display the log messages, monitor and trace signals, tune parameters, and stream data to the Simulation Data Inspector.

Use the Linux Runtime Manager application for these tasks:

  • Connect the development computer and multiple Linux targets.

  • Create and deploy the software component as standalone Linux application onto the Linux target.

  • Start, and stop a application on target computer.

  • Display and filter the log messages.

  • View the list of available signals and parameters in the application.

  • Measure the signals in the Simulation Data Inspector.

  • Tune the parameters.

  • Start and stop streaming of signals.

  • Update the docker container on target Linux machine.

  • Configure the target Linux machine for deployment.

Open the Linux Runtime Manager App

  • At the MATLAB Command prompt: Enter



  • Password field in the Target Configuration section on Linux Runtime Manager application does not get updated when other target is selected.

  • If the docker container of a connected target goes down, it gets disconnected. But the Linux Runtime Manager application fails to update the status of connection.

Version History

Introduced in R2022b