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Class: coder.descriptor.MeasurementServiceInterface
Namespace: coder.descriptor

Return information about datastore measurement service interfaces

Since R2023a


dataStoreInterfaces = getDataStoreInterfaces(measurementInterfaceObj)


dataStoreInterfaces = getDataStoreInterfaces(measurementInterfaceObj) returns the coder.descriptor.DataInterface object that represents the datastore measurement service interface configuration.

Input Arguments

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Measurement service interface object, specified as a coder.descriptor.MeasurementServiceInterface object. You can create this object by using the getServiceInterface method.

Output Arguments

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Datastore measurement service interface, returned as a coder.descriptor.DataInterface object or an array of coder.descriptor.DataInterface objects. The coder.descriptor.DataInterface object describes information about the specified data interface, such as the type of data, Simulink® identifier, graphical name, timing, implementation, and variant information.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a