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Inverse discrete wavelet transform (IDWT) of input or reconstruct signals from subbands with smaller bandwidths and slower sample rates

  • IDWT block

DSP System Toolbox / Transforms


You can configure this block to compute the inverse discrete wavelet transform (IDWT) or reconstruct a signal from subbands with smaller bandwidths and slower sample rates. When the block computes the inverse discrete wavelet transform (IDWT) of the input, the output has the same dimensions as the input. Each column of the output is the IDWT of the corresponding input column. When reconstructing a signal, the block uses a series of highpass and lowpass FIR filters to reconstruct the signal from the input subbands, as illustrated in Multilevel Filter Banks (the Asymmetric one). The reconstructed signal has a wider bandwidth and faster sample rate than the input subbands.

You can specify the filter bank highpass and lowpass filters by providing vectors of filter coefficients. You can do so directly on the block dialog box. If you have a Wavelet Toolbox™ license, you can specify wavelet-based filters by selecting a wavelet from the Filter parameter. You must set the filter bank structure to asymmetric or symmetric, and specify the number of levels in the filter bank.


The IDWT block is the same as the Dyadic Synthesis Filter Bank block with different default settings. For more information on block ports and parameters, see the Dyadic Synthesis Filter Bank block reference page.

Block Characteristics

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Multidimensional Signals


Variable-Size Signals


Zero-Crossing Detection



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Introduced before R2006a