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Coupled-allpass, lattice filter


hd = dfilt.calattice(k1,k2,beta)
hd = dfilt.calattice


hd = dfilt.calattice(k1,k2,beta) returns a discrete-time, coupled-allpass, lattice filter object hd, which is two allpass, lattice filter structures coupled together. The lattice coefficients for each structure are vectors k1 and k2. Input argument beta is shown in the diagram below.

hd = dfilt.calattice returns a default, discrete-time coupled-allpass, lattice filter object, hd. The default values are k1 = k2 = [], and beta = 1. This filter passes the input through to the output unchanged.


Specify a third-order lattice coupled-allpass filter structure for a dfilt filter, hd with the following code.

k1 = [0.9511 + 1j*0.3088; 0.7511 + 1j*0.1158];
k2 = 0.7502 - 1j*0.1218;
beta = 0.1385 + 1j*0.9904;
hd = dfilt.calattice(k1,k2,beta);

The Allpass1 and Allpass2 properties store vectors of coefficients.

Introduced in R2011a