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Indicate if device is simulated


When working with the session-based interface, the IsSimulated property indicates if the session is using a simulated device.



When the value is true if the operation is in progress.


When the value is false if the operation is not in progress.


Discover available devices.

d = daq.getDevices
d = 

Data acquisition devices:

index Vendor Device ID          Description         
----- ------ --------- -----------------------------
1     ni     cDAQ1Mod1 National Instruments NI 9201
2     ni     cDAQ2Mod1 National Instruments NI 9201
3     ni     Dev1      National Instruments USB-6211
4     ni     Dev2      National Instruments USB-6218
5     ni     Dev3      National Instruments USB-6255
6     ni     Dev4      National Instruments USB-6363
7     ni     PXI1Slot2 National Instruments PXI-4461
8     ni     PXI1Slot3 National Instruments PXI-4461 

Examine properties of NI 9201, with the device id cDAQ1Mod1 with the index 1.

ans = 

ni: National Instruments NI 9201 (Device ID: 'cDAQ1Mod1')
   Analog input subsystem supports:
      -10 to +10 Volts range
      Rates from 0.1 to 800000.0 scans/sec
      8 channels ('ai0','ai1','ai2','ai3','ai4','ai5','ai6','ai7')
      'Voltage' measurement type
This module is in slot 4 of the 'cDAQ-9178' chassis with the name 'cDAQ1'.

Properties, Methods, Events

Click the Properties link to see the properties of the device.

  ChassisName: 'cDAQ1'
    ChassisModel: 'cDAQ-9178'
      SlotNumber: 4
     IsSimulated: true
       Terminals: [48x1 cell]
          Vendor: National Instruments
              ID: 'cDAQ1Mod1'
           Model: 'NI 9201'
      Subsystems: [1x1]
     Description: 'National Instruments NI 9201'
RecognizedDevice: true

Note that the IsSimulated value is true, indicating that this device is simulated.