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Array of channel objects associated with session object


This session object property contains and displays an array of channels added to the session. For more information on the session-based interface, see Hardware Discovery and Setup.


You cannot directly add or remove channels using the Channels object properties. Use addAnalogInputChannel and addAnalogOutputChannel to add channels. Use removeChannel to remove channels.


The value is determined by the channels you add to the session object.


Access Channels Property

Create both analog and digital channels in a session and display the Channels property.

Create a session object, add an analog input channel, and display the session Channels property.

s = daq.createSession('ni');
aich = addAnalogInputChannel(s,'cDAQ1Mod7',0,'Bridge');
aich = 

Data acquisition analog input channel 'ai0' on device 'cDAQ1Mod7':

             BridgeMode: Unknown
       ExcitationSource: Internal
      ExcitationVoltage: 2.5
NominalBridgeResistance: 'Unknown'
                  Range: -0.025 to +0.025 VoltsPerVolt
                   Name: ''
                     ID: 'ai0'
                 Device: [1x1]
        MeasurementType: 'Bridge'
          ADCTimingMode: HighResolution

Add an analog output channel and view the Channels property.

aoch = addAnalogOutputChannel(s,'cDAQ1Mod2', 'ao1', 'Voltage')
aoch = 

Data acquisition analog output voltage channel 'ao1' on device 'cDAQ1Mod2':

 TerminalConfig: SingleEnded
          Range: -10 to +10 Volts
           Name: ''
             ID: 'ao1'
         Device: [1x1]
MeasurementType: 'Voltage'

Add a digital channel with 'InputOnly'.

dich = addDigitalChannel(s,'dev1','Port0/Line0:1','InputOnly')
dich = 

Number of channels: 2
   index Type Device   Channel   MeasurementType Range Name
   ----- ---- ------ ----------- --------------- ----- ----
   1     dio  Dev1   port0/line0 InputOnly       n/a
   2     dio  Dev1   port0/line1 InputOnly       n/a

Change the TerminalConfig property of the input channel to 'SingleEnded'.

aich.TerminalConfig = 'SingleEnded';

You can use the channel object to access and edit the Channels property.