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Tunable Low-Pass Filter

In this example, you will create a low-pass filter with one tunable parameter a:


Since the numerator and denominator coefficients of a tunableTF block are independent, you cannot use tunableTF to represent F. Instead, construct F using the tunable real parameter object realp.

Create a real tunable parameter with an initial value of 10.

a = realp('a',10)
a = 
       Name: 'a'
      Value: 10
    Minimum: -Inf
    Maximum: Inf
       Free: 1

Real scalar parameter.

Use tf to create the tunable low-pass filter F.

numerator = a;
denominator = [1,a];
F = tf(numerator,denominator)
Generalized continuous-time state-space model with 1 outputs, 1 inputs, 1 states, and the following blocks:
  a: Scalar parameter, 2 occurrences.

Type "ss(F)" to see the current value and "F.Blocks" to interact with the blocks.

F is a genss object which has the tunable parameter a in its Blocks property. You can connect F with other tunable or numeric models to create more complex control system models. For an example, see Control System with Tunable Components.

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