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Python module to initialize MATLAB Runtime with a list of startup options


myobj = myDeployedModule.initialize_runtime() initializes the MATLAB® Runtime with a list of startup options that affects all packages opened within the script.

If it is not called explicitly, it is executed automatically, with an empty list of options, by the first call to initialize(). Do not call initialize_runtime() after calling initialize(). There is no corresponding terminate_runtime() call. The MATLAB Runtime terminates automatically when the script or session ends.

Input Arguments

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The MATLAB Runtime has two startup options that you can specify:

  • -nojvm — Disable the Java® Virtual Machine, which is enabled by default. This option can help improve the MATLAB Runtime performance.

  • -nodisplay — On Linux®, run the MATLAB Runtime without display functionality.

Output Arguments

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Output a handle to deployed MATLAB functions, returned as a Python object used to execute deployed MATLAB functions.


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This example shows how to specify MATLAB Runtime options when creating a handle to a package named myDeployedModule.

import myDeployedModule
myobj = myDeployedModule.initialize_runtime(['-nojvm', '-nodisplay'])
myobj = myDeployedModule.initialize()