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Close Site Viewer

Since R2019b



close(viewer) closes the Site Viewer window and deletes the handle.


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Launch two Site Viewer windows. One Site Viewer window uses the terrain model and the other window does not use the terrain model.

viewer1 = siteviewer("Terrain","gmted2010","Name","Site Viewer (Using Terrain)");
viewer2 = siteviewer("Terrain","none","Name","Site Viewer (No Terrain)");

Create a transmitter site.

tx = txsite;

Generate a coverage map on each window. The map with terrain uses the Longley-Rice propagation model by default.


The map without terrain uses the free-space model by default.


Input Arguments

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Map viewer for visualizing transmitter or receiver sites, specified as a siteviewer object.1

Version History

Introduced in R2019b

1 Alignment of boundaries and region labels are a presentation of the feature provided by the data vendors and do not imply endorsement by MathWorks®.