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MATLAB in the Cloud

Run MATLAB and other MathWorks products in cloud environments

    MathWorks® offers a range of cloud-based solutions, including these options:

    • Run MATLAB® and Simulink® in a web browser using MATLAB Online.

    • Store and share files in MATLAB Drive.

    • Read and write data in the cloud, including data in Amazon® S3, Microsoft® Azure® Blob Storage, or Hadoop® Distributed File System (HDFS), as described in Work with Remote Data.

    • Run MATLAB or MATLAB Parallel Server™ clusters in Amazon Web Services (AWS®) using MathWorks Cloud Center.

    • Run MATLAB on private or public clouds, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. MathWorks provides software plans in Microsoft Azure Marketplace, reference architecture templates in GitHub®, and support for custom and prebuilt docker containers. For details, see Public Clouds or Containers.

    • Run MATLAB Desktop in Jupyter.

    MATLAB running on monitor and laptop screen.

    Public Clouds

    Configure and run MathWorks products in AWS or Microsoft Azure using software plans in cloud marketplaces or reference architecture templates in GitHub


    Build or use a prebuilt Docker container image to deploy MATLAB in cloud and server environments

    Integration with Other Environments

    Add MATLAB to other environments, such as Jupyter®

    MathWorks Cloud Center

    Run MATLAB or MATLAB Parallel Server clusters in AWS