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Get Started with AUTOSAR Blockset

Design and simulate AUTOSAR software

AUTOSAR Blockset provides apps and blocks for developing AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive software using Simulink® models. You can design and map Simulink models to software components using the AUTOSAR Component Designer app. Alternatively, the blockset lets you generate new Simulink models for AUTOSAR by importing software component and composition descriptions from AUTOSAR XML (ARXML) files.

AUTOSAR Blockset provides blocks and constructs for AUTOSAR library routines and Basic Software (BSW) services, including NVRAM and Diagnostics. By simulating the BSW services together with your application software model, you can verify your AUTOSAR ECU software without leaving Simulink.

AUTOSAR Blockset lets you create AUTOSAR architecture models in Simulink (requires System Composer™). In the AUTOSAR architecture model, you can author software compositions, components, and interfaces. You can add simulation behavior including Basic Software service components. Alternatively, you can round-trip (import and export) software descriptions via ARXML files.

AUTOSAR Blockset supports C and C++ production code generation (with Embedded Coder®). It is qualified for use with the ISO 26262 standard (with IEC Certification Kit).


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