Speedgoat Hardware Support for Real-Time Simulation and Testing from Simulink Real-Time

Use Speedgoat target hardware with Simulink Real-Time for your real-time simulation and testing environment.

Capabilities and Features

Using Speedgoat target hardware and Simulink Real-Time™, you can perform rapid control, DSP, and vision prototyping; hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation; structural testing; and small-to-medium quantity embedded deployments.

Speedgoat hardware and Simulink Real-Time can create real-time applications in industries including aerospace and defense, industrial automation, automotive, and medical devices.

Supported Hardware 

You can use the following target computers from Speedgoat:

To connect the target computer running the Simulink Real-Time application to your hardware under test, Speedgoat I/O modules support a wide range of I/O and communications protocols.

Platform Support

Available on 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® only.

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Real-time target machines

See table to the left. 

I/O connectivity and protocols

Speedgoat Tools and Drivers


  • Custom racks, cabling, and enclosures
  • Custom FPGA implementations
  • Engineering and design services



Microsoft C Compiler

  • Microsoft Windows SDK 7.7 (no charge) or
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (for large real-time applications created from Simulink)

Xilinx Synthesis Design Suite

  • Xilinx Vivado/ISE (only required to execute parts of your real-time application created from Simulink or implement on your own on FPGAs)

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