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dSPACE ACE Kit Support from Simulink Coder

Develop and test real-time control systems with these bundled academic offerings that consist of both hardware and software

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Capabilities and Features

dSPACE ACE Kits, exclusively for academic use, provide ready-to-use rapid control prototyping (RCP) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems for high-end real-time applications. You can program the kits using Simulink®, Simulink Coder™, and Model-Based Design. There are a wide range of kit options that provide capabilities and benefits such as cost savings, compactness and modularity, robustness for in-field or in-vehicle experiments, and powerful simulator systems for HIL applications. dSPACE also offers ClassRoom Kits − university licenses especially for laboratory workstations.

dSPACE ACE Kits for academia include:

  • A controller board or processor board
  • Adapter cables
  • Software (Real-Time Interface® and ControlDesk®) that gives you the power to:
    • Set up connections to your Simulink model and generate a real-time application
    • Tune parameters and monitor signals from MATLAB® or Simulink while the real-time application runs
    • Measure signals with plotters based on several time scales
    • Manage models and handle parameter sets
    • Create graphical instrument panels and automate experiments

About dSPACE ACE Kits

dSPACE ACE Kits are used in academia for high-end real-time applications. dSPACE offers the following versions of its kits:

ACE Kit 1104 with DS1104 R&D Controller Board Cost-effective, single-board solution
ACE Kit 1006 with DS1006 Processor Board Modular system for rapid prototyping and HIL simulation
ACE Kit 1007 with DS1007 Processor Board Modular system for rapid prototyping and HIL simulation
ACE Kit MicroLabBox Compact all-in-one development system for the laboratory, with high computing power and comprehensive functionalities
ACE Kit MicroAutoBox Robust rapid control prototyping for experiments in vehicles or in the field


Powerful simulator systems for HIL applications

**Real-Time Interface® not included.

Supported in student software.

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Any one of the available dSPACE ACE kits.



Software includes ControlDesk, Real-Time Interface, and more (view details).


Automotive Simulation Models
Ready-to-run Simulink models for real-time simulation of standard automotive applications like diesel engines, gasoline engines, and vehicle dynamics.

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