Mixed-Signal Design with MATLAB


The design and analysis of Analog/Mixed Signal Designs have become increasingly challenging with analog impairment effects in modern semiconductor technology nodes and with the integration of complex embedded digital signal processing and control algorithms. Thus, accurate modeling and rapid system-level simulation have become extremely important to be able to verify these designs before they go into production. In this webinar, we show how MathWorks tools can be used in modeling and simulating mixed-signal algorithms in different levels of abstraction. This session will demonstrate:

  • the ability to describe analog parts of the system in Simulink also using linear and switched mode electrical networks.
  • the ability to co-simulate together a design partially described in Simulink and Cadence® Incisive® (digital) and Virtuoso® AMS Designer (analog).
  • using automatic to integrate the behavior of Simulink subsystems in the Cadence SystemVerilog workflow.
  • the integration of MATLAB in Cadence Virtuoso ADE Explorer and Assembler to visualize and analyze the transistor-level simulation data from circuit verification. Also, we show comprehensive examples from the Mixed Signal Example Library, which provides a starting point to build a new design.


  • Modeling approaches using Simulink
  • Mixed-Signal Example library (Demo)
  • Integration with EDA tools
  • Model export

About the Presenter

Ganesh Raj Rathinavel
EMEA Application Engineer – Analog Mixed-Signal workflows
MathWorks – The Netherlands

Ganesh Rathinavel is the Application Engineer at MathWorks specializing in the Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) Design, within the EMEA region. He works from the Dutch office in Eindhoven and is responsible for increasing adoption of MathWorks tools in the AMS design domain. Before joining MathWorks in October 2018, he worked as a R&D Engineer at Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (IMEC) & at STMicroelectronics, where he developed Mixed-Signal systems for NFC/RFID tags, Display drivers and Sensor Readouts. He holds two master’s degrees in Semiconductor Engineering and Physics respectively, during which he specialized in Analog Design and System modeling.

Product Focus

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