Introduction to Deep Learning


Watch this introductory webinar to explore key deep learning concepts with both signal and image data examples. Learn to identify when to use deep learning, discover what approaches are suitable for your application, and explore some of the challenges you might encounter.

MathWorks developers have purpose-built MATLAB’s deep learning functionality for engineering and science workflows. We understand that success goes beyond just developing a deep learning model. Ultimately, models need to be incorporated into an entire system design workflow to deliver a product or a service to the market.

Highlights of the session

  •  See where deep learning is being applied in engineering and science
  • See a workflow for how you can research, develop and deploy your own deep learning application

Technologies demonstrated include:

  • Automating Data Labeling for both Signals and Images
  • Training and Evaluating Deep Learning Models
  • Generating optimized native embedded code

This seminar will be presented by Emelie Andersson, application engineer in Stockholm with a focus on workflows for the development of deep learning applications.

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