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Workshop 3: MATLAB usage in HPC Computing Environment - Norway



  1. Only register for this session if you are affiliated to a Norwegian University/Institution. Look for alternate events in the series if you belong to other Nordic Countries.
  2. Please register using your academic or institutional email (no gmail)

Welcome to the Norwegian session of the third workshop of the series Mondays with MATLAB – Nordic HPC Workshops.
In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to access HPC computing environment and clusters from Sigma2.
We will demonstrate how to access these clusters, submit jobs, fetch results, and introduce best practices using MATLAB and performing parallel computing on HPC.

The workshop requires basic knowledge of MATLAB.  


  • Accessing MATLAB on Sigma2 HPC Cluster
  • Accessing GPUs
  • Moving/submitting jobs from your local machine to the cluster
  • Debugging, troubleshooting and best practices with job submission

Who Should Attend

Students and researchers who are working with computationally intensive problems or big data who would like to use parallel computing on HPC environments to speed up their MATLAB code.

About the Presenters

Vegard Eide, Senior Engineer, IT Development Section, NTNU
Einar Næss Jensen, Senior Engineer, IT Operations Section, NTNU

Product Focus

Workshop 3: MATLAB usage in HPC Computing Environment - Norway

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