Free MATLAB Trial for Quantitative Finance and Risk Management

Import data, develop algorithms, debug code, scale up processing power, and more.

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It includes MATLAB® and a full set of products:

WHY MATLAB? With the trial software package, you’ll see why engineers choose MATLAB and Simulink.

  • Run risk and portfolio analytics prototypes up to 120x faster than in R, 100x faster than in Excel/VBA, and up to 64x faster than Python.
  • MATLAB automatically generates documentation for model review and regulatory approval.
  • Analysts use prebuilt apps and tools to visualize intermediate results and debug models.
  • IT groups can deploy IP protected models directly to desktop and web applications.
  • MATLAB includes an interface for importing historical and real-time market data from free and paid sources.
  • MATLAB handles big and streaming data from traditional and alternative data sources.

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