Engineering Landing Pads

Bounce Height Measurements computational thinking module

After conducting a hands-on investigation to collect observational data on how high a ping pong ball bounces on candidate landing pad materials, students consider how a computer could help them collect more precise data. Students discuss how experimental procedures may have to be modified because of the computational tools used and vice versa.

When students launch each activity, it will open and run in their browser with MATLAB Online.

Isolate the Ping Pong Ball

Observe which colors are effectively blocked or isolated by a mask.

Investigate Bounce Height

Calculate the height of a ping pong ball’s bounce from a video.

Compare Materials

Compare the bounce height of the ping pong ball on different materials.

Why is a Good Mask Important?

Modify the mask and observe whether the computer can accurately track the location of the ball.

Youth Engineering Solutions (YES) has created a teacher guide with lessons plans to facilitate the implementation of these live scripts in your classroom. To download free teacher and student materials, visit the YES website.