Connect MATLAB and Simulink with NI products for data acquisition, instrumentation, and testing

MathWorks and National Instruments are improving the way you use our products together. With a more integrated workflow and expert support, you will have a quality experience when using technical computing and Model-Based Design with automated test and measurement systems.


  • Acquire data from NI hardware and analyze it with Data Acquisition Toolbox™
  • Process the data from your virtual instruments using MATLAB® scripts inside of LabVIEW™
  • Generate code from Simulink® models and deploy it onto NI hardware for hardware-in-the-loop testing

Here are the products from MathWorks and NI that you can use together:


Call MATLAB scripts in LabVIEW with the MATLAB Script Node

MATLAB and NI Instrumentation

Control and acquire data within MATLAB with Instrument Control Toolbox™

MATLAB and NI Data Acquisition

Acquire and analyze data within MATLAB with Data Acquisition Toolbox

MATLAB and NI TDMS (7:00)

Use MATLAB to read, write, and analyze measurement data in NI™ TDMS format files

MATLAB, Simulink, and USRP®

Design and prototype software-defined radio systems with Communications Toolbox™

Simulink and NI VeriStand™

Run Simulink models in NI VeriStand

Simulink and NI Real-Time Hardware

Run Simulink compiled models on NI Real-Time hardware