“Matrix Methods of Linear Algebra” Courseware

Download the free mathematics courseware module using MATLAB.

Course Materials Include:

Matrix Methods of Linear Algebra

This curriculum module contains interactive live scripts that teach fundamental matrix methods commonly taught in introductory linear algebra courses. In the first part of each live script, students learn standard definitions, visualize concepts, and perform exercises on paper. Afterward, students practice complementary MATLAB methods. These methods reinforce the discussed concepts and help students to develop an early familiarity with computational software. Each lesson concludes with an illustrative application. These live scripts can be used as part of a lecture, as activities in an instructional setting, or as an interactive assignment to be completed outside of class.

The live scripts include lessons on:

  • Basic matrix operations
  • Linear systems with matrices
  • Eigenvectors, eigenvalues, and their applications

Learning goals for the individual scripts can be found in the courseware description and readme document within the zip folder.


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