Developing Vehicle Models with MathWorks Physical Modeling Solutions and dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models

Hagen Haupt, dSPACE
Steve Miller, MathWorks

When it comes to modeling and simulation, automotive engineers want it all. They want models of the vehicle, the components, and the environment. Engineers designing electric vehicles need to combine electrical, mechanical, and other domains in a single model. They want models that run in desktop simulation and in real time. And, no matter how complete the model provided by the software vendor is, they need the ability to customize it further. To meet all of these requirements, the best option can be the combination of two compatible solutions. The ability to create custom models of vehicles and vehicle components delivered by MathWorks physical modeling solutions combined with Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) from dSPACE enables engineers to create the exact model required for all tasks for Model-Based Design. This session covers the advantages of each environment and how they complement each other.

Product Focus

  • SimDriveline

Recorded: 22 jun 2010