R2016b at a Glance

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Release Highlights

Got Data?

Working with it just got easier.

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Machine Learning

Train models faster, use big data, and generate C/C++ code from models.

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Just-in-time builds for improved performance when running simulations in Accelerator mode.

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Updates by Product

MATLAB Product Family


  • Tall arrays for manipulating data too big to fit in memory
  • timetable data container for indexing and synchronizing time-stamped tabular data
  • Define local functions in scripts for improved code reuse and readability
  • Run MATLAB® code from Java® programs with the MATLAB Engine API for Java


  • Data logging from iPhone and Android™ sensors on the MathWorks® Cloud

Database Toolbox

  • Graph database interface for retrieving Neo4j® data

MATLAB Compiler

  • Support for deploying MATLAB applications, including tall arrays, on a Spark™ cluster

Parallel Computing Toolbox

  • Ability to process big data with tall arrays in parallel on your desktop, and on servers and Spark clusters with MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

  • Big data algorithms for processing out-of-memory data including dimension reduction, descriptive statistics, k-means clustering, linear regression, logistic regression, and discriminant analysis
  • Bayesian optimization for automatically tuning machine learning algorithm parameters, and neighborhood component analysis (NCA) for choosing machine learning model features
  • Automatic C/C++ code generation support for SVM and logistic regression models with MATLAB Coder™

Image Processing Toolbox

  • Support for volumetric image data using 3-D superpixels for simple linear iterative clustering (SLIC) and 3-D median filtering

Computer Vision System Toolbox

  • Object detection using deep learning region-based convolutional neural networks (R-CNNs)

Risk Management Toolbox

  • A new product for developing risk models and performing risk simulation


  • Collect data from internet-connected sensors and run MATLAB analytics on the cloud using functions from Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™, Signal Processing Toolbox™, Curve Fitting Toolbox™, and Mapping Toolbox™

Simulink Product Family


  • Improved performance using JIT compiler for simulations running in Accelerator mode
  • Initialize, reset, and terminate subsystems to model dynamic startup and shutdown behavior
  • State reader and writer blocks for full control over reset state behavior from anywhere in the model
  • Raspberry Pi™ 3 and Google® Nexus™ hardware support

Simulink and Stateflow

  • Property Inspector, Model Data Editor, and Symbol Manager for streamlined editing of parameters and data


  • Expanded block libraries for modeling perfect, semiperfect, and real gas systems

Signal Processing and Communications

Signal Processing Toolbox

  • Signal Analyzer app to perform time- and frequency-domain analysis of multiple time series

Phased Array System Toolbox

  • Modeling support for atmospheric and multipath propagation effects on narrowband and wideband signals

WLAN System Toolbox

  • IEEE® 802.11ah™ support and multiuser-MIMO receiver capability

Audio System Toolbox

  • Audio plugin hosting to run and test VST plugins directly in MATLAB

Code Generation

Embedded Coder

  • Cross-release code integration for reuse of code generated from earlier releases
  • Generate pluggable code for any software environment including dynamic startup and shutdown behaviors
  • Support for simulating AUTOSAR basic software including Diagnostic Event Manager (DEM) and NVRAM Manager (NvM)

HDL Coder

  • Adaptive pipelining for specifying target clock frequency to drive automatic pipeline insertion, and a Logic Analyzer for visualizing and analyzing transitions and states (with DSP System Toolbox™)

Verification and Validation

Simulink Verification and Validation

  • Edit-time checking for detecting and fixing standards compliance issues at design time

Simulink Test

  • Custom criteria definition for test evaluation

Polyspace Bug Finder

  • Support for CERT C coding standard for cyber-security vulnerability detection

Release Notes by Product

* Indicates major update