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Thread Subject:
Intel Fortran compiler Matlab

Subject: Intel Fortran compiler Matlab

From: Michael

Date: 9 May, 2012 19:09:08

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I am trying to call fortran files from matlab 2012a and want to choose intel fortran as my compiler.
I have intel visual fortran composer XE 2011 update 9 and microsoft visual studio 10.0

When I run mex -setup and let matlab search for installed compilers it does not find it, if I choose not searching and then option 8 I get an error message when I run

mex yprimef.F (the example that comes with matlab, yes it's in the working directory)

error message says 'unable to locate compiler'

any suggestions? thanks.

Subject: Intel Fortran compiler Matlab

From: Mark Shore

Date: 10 May, 2012 01:06:22

Message: 2 of 2

I just updated my 2012a with XE 2011 update 10 on 64-bit Windows 7 and was pleasantly surprised to see that it recognized both the older 11.1.072 version and the new one (listed as Intel Visual Fortran 12).

Maybe the difference is that I installed the Microsoft SDK 7.1 rather than trying to work out the various MS Studio shells. Can't say; I'm no expert.

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