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Which tool are you using to create the documentation of your MATLAB codes?

Asked by Aurelien Queffurust on 10 Jan 2013

I would like to know which documentation system you use to create the developer's guide or your MATLAB codes.

I already found 2 FEx utilities on this subject:

makehtmldoc to create easily HTML help pages from MATLAB codes.

Using Doxygen with Matlab

I plan to try Doxygen which seems popular . Have you already tried it?

Do you know other tools which can extract comments from your codes to generate documentation?

Thanks for your feedback


3 Answers

Answer by per isakson
on 10 Jan 2013
Edited by per isakson
on 10 Jan 2013
 Accepted answer

M2HTML: Documentation System for Matlab in HTML has been around and supported for a long time - long before the new OOP-system. It is definitely worth looking at.

The questions says that the documentation support of Matlab is not adequate for your needs.


I am going to try it thanks

I have tried files from Fex which use Doxygen but it requires a lot of stuff to install and some time to understand the mechanism. My favorite one will be M2HTML which is both easy and quick to run . The output is very nice if the source code has a M-file header . Nice features a with Graph, each HTML output file gives dependencies, parent functions ... Super! Thanks for your suggestion.

Answer by Ryan G
on 10 Jan 2013

MATLAB Report Generator has a lot of options for HTML reports. It's not free, but obviously it's designed well for the job.


Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 10 Jan 2013

Also, an (impossible to remember) function:



I am using this function to make the help of functions of my own toolbox reachable from Help browser. It is the only aim of this feature I believe , it will not create HTML files from your code.

No - it won't do that. But publish() would...

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