Link to Requirements in IBM Rational DOORS Databases

This example shows how to create links from objects in a Simulink® model to requirements in an IBM® Rational® DOORS® database.

  1. Open a DOORS formal module.

  2. Click to select one of the requirement objects.

  3. Open the example model:

  4. Open the fuel_rate_control subsystem.

  5. Right-click the airflow_calc subsystem and select Requirements Traceability > Link to Selection in DOORS.

  6. To confirm the requirement link, right-click the airflow_calc subsystem and select Requirements Traceability. In the submenu, the top item is the heading text for the DOORS requirement object.

    If you navigate to a DOORS requirement, the DOORS module opens in read only mode. If you want to modify the DOORS module, open the module using DOORS software.

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