Real-Time Sync

Synchronize Simulink to real time


Real-Time Windows Target™


The Real-Time Sync block allows you to synchronize your Simulink® model with the real-time clock at Real-Time Sync block sample hits. The only parameters are those dealing with sample time and missed ticks. There are no input ports.


Sample time

Enter a value representing how frequently you want to synchronize your model with the real-time clock.

    Tip   If you are using a fixed-step solver, you must enter the value you entered in the Fixed step size box from the Configuration Parameters dialog box, or an integer multiple of that value.

Maximum missed ticks

Enter the number of timer ticks that your model can lag behind the real-time kernel. When the model lags by more than this number, the block reports an error and simulation stops. Otherwise, simulation continues even if some ticks are missed.

Show "Missed Ticks" port

Select this check box to display the current number of missed ticks as a block output.

Yield CPU when waiting

Select this check box to grant other programs more CPU time while the kernel waits for a response from the hardware.

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