Creating a New Simscape Model

Simscape™ models require certain blocks to be present in the model configuration, such as a Solver block, or domain-specific reference blocks. Other blocks, although not required, are highly likely to be needed, such as Simulink-PS Converter and PS-Simulink Converter blocks. An easy way to start a new Simscape model is by using the ssc_new command.

When you type ssc_new at the MATLAB® Command prompt, the software opens the main Simscape library and creates a new model prepopulated with certain blocks, as shown in the following illustration.

By default, the model name is not specified, the model contains a Solver Configuration block with the default solver set to ode23t, a Simulink-PS Converter block, and a PS-Simulink Converter block connected to a Scope block.

You can use the ssc_new command arguments to specify the model name, add a domain-specific reference block, and change the default solver. See the ssc_new command reference page for details. For example, typing


creates the following model.

After using ssc_new, continue developing your model by copying the blocks, as needed, and adding other blocks from the Simscape libraries.

For electrical models, you can also use the Creating A New Circuit example as a template for a new model. This example also opens an Electrical Starter Palette, which contains links to the most often used electrical components. Open the example by typing ssc_new_elecssc_new_elec in the MATLAB Command Window and use File > Save As to save it under the desired model name. Then delete the unwanted components and add new ones from the Electrical Starter Palette and from Simscape libraries.

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