Upgrade an Existing Installation

    Note:   Upgrades are not available for MATLAB® student-use software.

To upgrade an existing installation, run the MATLAB installer again. If you do not have access to the installer, visit the Downloads page on the MathWorks® website and download it.

If you are upgrading your MATLAB installation to the latest release, install the new version in a new installation folder. If you are upgrading an installation of a prerelease version of the software, install the released software in a new installation folder.

You do not need to delete an existing MATLAB installation before installing a new release. Each release is independent of previous releases and you can run multiple releases on the same system.

    Note   If you overwrite an existing installation from a prior release, the installer deletes all the products in your installation folder and installs only those products included in your current license. This behavior avoids potential product incompatibilities. For example, if your existing installation includes 10 products, but your current license only includes 9 of those products, your MATLAB installation only includes the 9 products in your current license.

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