Bioinformatics Toolbox Classes

biograph Create biograph object
biograph object Data structure containing generic interconnected data used to implement directed graph
BioIndexedFile Allow quick and efficient access to large text file with nonuniform-size entries Contain data values from microarray experiment Contain metadata from microarray experiment Contain experiment information from microarray gene expression experiment
bioma.ExpressionSet Contain data from microarray gene expression experiment
BioMap Contain sequence, quality, alignment, and mapping data
BioRead Contain sequence and quality data
BioReadQualityStatistics Quality statistics from a short-read sequence file
clustergram object Object containing hierarchical clustering analysis data
DataMatrix Create DataMatrix object
DataMatrix object Data structure encapsulating data and metadata from microarray experiment so that it can be indexed by gene or probe identifiers and by sample identifiers
geneont Data structure containing Gene Ontology (GO) information
GFFAnnotation Represent General Feature Format (GFF) annotations
GTFAnnotation Represent Gene Transfer Format (GTF) annotations
HeatMap Display heat map of matrix data and create HeatMap object
HeatMap object Object containing matrix and heat map display properties
NegativeBinomialTest Unpaired hypothesis test result
phytree Create phytree object
phytree object Data structure containing phylogenetic tree
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