MATLAB in Production

Using MATLAB in production software environments

MATLAB® is used to rapidly prototype algorithms, analytics, and models in financial services and other industries. Using MATLAB directly in production software environments reduces development time and risk compared with recoding in C++ or Java.

Key capabilities that enable you to put MATLAB in production environments include:

Code Robustness

  • Extensive libraries of prebuilt functions for computational finance and many other domains
  • Code profiling and code checking with the MATLAB Editor
  • Support for xUnit test frameworks for assessing code coverage and refactoring code

Team Collaboration

  • Object-oriented programming, enabling code reuse, inheritance, encapsulation, and reference behavior without the low-level housekeeping tasks required by other languages
  • Integration with Subversion and other source control environments

Enterprise Integration

  • Integration between MATLAB components and C/C++, Java, and .NET environments
  • Deployment on enterprise systems such as application servers, databases, and web servers with MATLAB Production Server
  • Ability to generate C, C++, and HDL code for use on hardware, and for microsecond latency in algorithmic trading

Examples and How To

Software Reference

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